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Online Profiles are Important for Love and Business

Well it’s that special time of year again. For those of us fortunate enough to be in a happy relationship, Valentine’s Dayis a day of honoring the spark that brought couples together.

Mywife and I will probably go to ‘Dave and Busters’ at the Ontario MillsMall. Not the most romantic place, but it was the site of our first date. Nearly 24 months later, we married.

How did we meet? A little website called ‘E-harmony’. How did we know enough to give eachother chance before we even set eyes upon each other? It was our profile.

As a small business owner I have my profile on various websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Plaxo, and Craig’s List. I meet potential clients at Starbucks or Coffee Bean.How did we know enough to give each other a chance to do business? It was our profile.

That’s Right, the internet is the place to be when trying to find new relationships, be it in business or romance. It’s all in the profile

The issue with online profiles is the competition. Everyone is doing it! If you don’t have a profile somewhere, you are like that one dark house ina neighborhood block with no Christmas lights while the rest of your neighbors’ homes are as bright as the stars. There are literally thousands of social media websites out there to generate interest for your goods and services. Here are some tips that can help your profile stand out more so than the others.

Be the customer you want to attract

Before you begin to contemplate on a profile, ask yourself who are you looking to associatewith? Are you looking for upper class movers and shakers; the start up business owners; or those poor artists, musicians, and actors with little or no money. Whoever the audience you are targeting, that information must be conveyed on your profile. In romance, it’s said that opposites attract’. Just ask the divorce attorneys. In business,opposites do not attract, like minds do.

YourProfile Picture: Recent and Decent

If you are a white collar professional then upload a picture of you in a business suit.  If You are a white collar professional representing blue collar or lower income workers… upload a picture of you in business suit! Represent your profession before you represent your clientele. If you are a cook then wear a chef’s outfit. A police officer, wear a uniform. 

Your smile should be welcoming, like you are ready to shake hands. Look right into the camera, stand straight, and display confidence. The field-of-view for most pics should be from shoulder length on up. Look good because you never know who’s looking at you. While it’s not necessary have professional quality photos (though I recommend it), the secret to good profile picture is good lighting. A dark picture subconsciously turns people off. Women, if you show more skin then necessary you may attract the wrong crowd. 

Finally, do not post a picture from the past.All pics should be recent and decent. In romance, this is taboo and will cost you a second date, maybe even the second minute. In the businessworld, when you lie about your picture, how honest are you in business? 

Your Bio or Professional Summary: The Three Paragraph Rule

Keepthe bio short and to the point. In a business profile, write more about what you have to offer to a customer more than about yourself. I like the three paragraph rule. The first two paragraphs should highlight yourcareer.

    I have been in web design and internet marketing field since 1996. In that 

    time I have produced over 400 websites and over 90% of my clients are

    on the first page of the Google search engine. Visit my website,


    My company successfully employs 20 people. In 2002, we won an award for 

    outstanding achievement for a children’s website in

   We specialize in all websites, ecommerce, database, and SEO.   


Thenfinally, the last paragraph should list extracurricular involvement and your education, so as long as it involves business.

    I am a self-taught web designer but do hold a BS Degree in Liberal Arts from

   Arizona State University. I am an ambassador for my local Chamber ofCommerce.

    I also enjoy teaching students the art of web design.


Your Portfolio or Resume: It must pertain

Formy work in web design, a smart customer will look at my portfolio. The more projects I list, the better I look. List all work activities performed over the years so as long as it ‘pertains’ to your current business. If you changed careers, list activities for your current career first. I was a microbiologist 14 years ago and have not worked in that field since… thankfully! My prospects may not find that information helpful so why waste their time reading and my time writing material that does not ‘pertain’. 

List all professional groups you are involved with that ‘pertain’ to business or include business people.For example, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Knights of Columbus will look great on a profile. On my Linked In profile I listed my being a freemason. Now the Masons are not a business group, but many of the nation’s top business leaders are masons.

List your honors and awards that ‘pertain’ to your business, even if it was achieved years ago. When writing your accomplishment, show pride in your work, but don’t brag or put down your competitors. No one likes arrogance, be it business or romance.

Post Recommendations andTestimonials.

Finally, what other customers say about you is the final icing on the cake to land a project.

Call your clients,have them email you a testimonial, and post it up. Post several testimonials but don’t overdo it. Make sure you list the person’s first name and their positions.

Of course in romance getting testimonials from former companions may lead to more former companions.

If you have any questions, email me at


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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