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Ep3 : Book Smart vs. Street Smart

Difference between Books Smart vs Street Smart


  • What is : 
    • is someone who is considered an ‘academically superior’.
      Give them an exam, it’s game on.  They are great test takers, part take in academic clubs, and debates.
    • They based their decisions on facts, peer review journals, pretty much the notes they take in class.  Very academia.
  • Concerns
    • They tend to be a bit stubborn because they stick to the facts.
      But be careful who gets the facts from. 
    • Once you close the books. What then?
  • Benefits
    • Knowledge is Powerful
    • Buying a car ; read up on a medical condition
    • Coronavirus : I wish people were more booksmart about it.
      Read the journals from reputable educated researchers, not news channels or social media memes.
  • Problems
    • Not going to help you when it comes to application or practice.
      • My experience in biology
      • I had no interest in it
      • I was taught to study study study
      • I didn’t explore because I didn’t think about it.
      • I had no idea what I was doing.

Street Smart 

  • What is : 
    • Streetsmart means just the opposite. Their reliance on books is minor compared to their reliance on actual experience.
      • Sometimes we associate street smarts to refer to gang members or thugs because they fail to negotiate and act on impulse.  More importantly they know how to avoid trouble, survive, and stay alive.
  • They deal with difficult and challenging situations, thinking on their feet.
  • Then I found out what street smarts is really about.
  • Benefits
    •  It’s about situational awareness. You learn from experience, getting your hands dirty, the daily grind which only serves to improve who you are.
    • Develop people skills, personal skills
  • Problems
    • Reliant on watching others
    • Mentally prepared to fail and fail often
    • Go through some rough patches.
    • Thick skin
    • Self-help books, motivational tapes are a must
  • Who’s more successful?  Depends what you’re doing?
    • The wealthier booksmart people are professors, top researchers, authors, 
    • But wealthier people are more street smart : Sales people, athletes, actors
      They tend to be more wealthier than the booksmart people

      Of course it all depends on your definition of successful
      What your passion is.
  • Both are very different and you would think that it applies to different people.  But here is what I’ve observed over the years. I thought  that one had to be either one or the other. I was wrong.

    • Booksmart – Knowledgeable
    • Street Smart – Experts (doers, entrepreneurs, the CEOs, the crazy ones)
      • They make connections and work with people that will contribute
      • They get their hands dirty and explore new possibilities.
      • They learn from their own experiences
      • They trust their gut instinct.
      • The world knows no boundaries
    • Booksmart + Streetsmart : Accomplish Mastery
      • The read first and then they build up what they learned
      • Can write the books that the book smart people read

Develop your brain power by being booksmart, but your develop your energy, your

Vibe, your passion by being street smart.

I learned more by being street smart, but streetsmart was always enhanced because of my being booksmart.

As I said earlier

Booksmart – knowledgeable

Street Smart – Expert

Both – Master

Keep in mind the world is ever changing. The best way to keep up with that ever
changing world is to first read about it.  Then apply it.

When I got my Mazda CX 5, I understood the basic of driving the car, but read a manual to understand the artificial intelligence involved with this car.  So when I saw the windshield wipers turn on by itself, or when the high beams turned on by it self, I was astonished but knew about it. 

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