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Mr. Hague discusses about the dangers in overdosing has increased amongst young users, especially with Fentanyl.
In this episode, I interview two of my students who are both talented musicians. They discuss the value of music and how it shaped their lives and shaped their education. All the more reason why every school should promote music.
In this session, I discuss the power of the late great violinist (and good friend) Gail Rorick. Gail was an inspiration, a wonder on that violin. She demonstrates why we need music education in all high schools
In this episode, I teach students about the value of living in gratitude. A good way is to keep a gratitude journal.
I interview my former student, Yatziry Ochoa, Senior Class of 2022 and her involvement with “Peer Mediation” and how she helps resolves issues before it escalates into the Will Smith vs. Chris Rock ordeal. She also teaches me the latest Gen Z terms…swag!
Will Smith vs. Chris Rock. While I did not watch the Oscars, that one incident of Smith smacking Rock caught the world’s attention. Seemingly, it was not the way to resolve conflicts.
A podcast about podcasting and how encourage students to podcast will help in their futures, self confidence, develop technical skills and much more. I gave this same speech to a group of educators before the Educating for Careers conference in Sacramento.
I interview our Internship Coordinator, Amy Foell, whose passion to help students obtain internships prior to heading off to college or work. She also emphasizes the importance of Work Based Learning in Internships for Juniors and Seniors. Here I talk about the power behind Work Based Learning and my experience using it.
The SATs and ACTs. This podcast discuss how shifting the attitude towards may help you understand the meaning behind the tests.
Two of my students discuss how they overcome boring classes. Its funny how they do it. This is a comedy episode.
Here I discuss how to deal with boring classes, mustering up enough energy to pay attention and be present.
There is a marked difference between being Booksmart vs Streetsmart. What are the differences? Can one talk into both?
I interview two great students who thought they knew what careers they wanted to pursue, only to change their minds and decided to pursue their callings.
We’ve all been taught to simply find a career. Make good money. Take care of ourselves. Not a bad idea. But here are those who grow weary of their careers. They wonder why studied a subject in the first place. Then there are those whose career is a ‘calling’. They love going to work, and struggle to leave work because their heart is so much in it.
Students discuss what is their purpose behind high school. I have a senior who will discuss how he progressed throughout high school and several freshmen talking about what their experience is like, and how it does not match what they thought high school would be.
Here I discuss what the purpose of high school is. It’s not about grades, it’s not about ranking, it’s not about just getting ready for college, work, or military. It’s about finding your self, defining yourself, growing up to be independent.