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Ep8 – Chris Rock vs Will Smith : How Fighting Impacts Students

I mean, Jada, I love you. Jane two. Can’t wait to see it. All right.

Is that. Was that? That was a nice one. Okay. All right, so here we are. a new episode. And unlike other things, you know, like education and, you know, getting you to the right track and things of that nature. What I normally talk about today, I want to talk about entertainment. Something happened. The entertainment industry. Now, I always thought that one day I worked for the film industry, and I did have a lot of film clients.

You know, when I was working for, myself and I was a webmaster and a graphic artist. So I had a lot of people in the film industry that I did work for, and I was kind of, consider them as, you know, just basically regular people. And, you know, they spent money they paid me, and I did the best that I can.

I’ve always had a passion to try to work in the film industry as an actor and also as a filmmaker, possibly even be of service as a marketer, because I just love movies. I love being a part of it. But as social media progressed, things changed for the film industry and entertainment in general. It’s the whole world turned social media, and as a result, I kind of lost a lot of interest in working for film, mainly because, well, it is not that exciting.

I mean, there’s a new form of entertainer out there. There’s a TikTok, people who are famous, and then there’s the Facebook Famous people, and then there’s Instagram famous people. You got people who got like over, what, 2 million, 3 million, 4 million followers. It’s crazy. it’s enough to get any president elected. So let’s talk about a little incident.

However, because I am an educator and I don’t only teach about the subject that I teach, I try not to just stick to the subject. I believe that I have a duty to teach soft skills and etiquette skills and being a gentleman, or being personable and being friendly and being an upstanding citizen, if you will, because that gets you far in life.

Well, I have not watched the Oscars like so many people in years. I mean, I take an interest, I see who’s nominated. I watch a lot of the films. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in the film industry. It just means that I’m kind of don’t find the Oscars as appealing as it once was, you know? Same thing with the Grammys.

I enjoy the work that they do. So I wasn’t really following the Oscars until this happened. I’m out here. Oh, Richard. oh. Wow. Wow. Will Smith to smack the shit out of me. Let me my name out. Your fucking. Wow, dude. Yeah, it was a G.I. Jane. Joe. He my wife name out your fucking mouth. I’m going to.

Okay. Yeah. So Will Smith walks up to the stage after a joke that Chris Rock made about Jada Smith, I suppose, and at first, Will Smith laugh at the joke and then, you know, saw the side eye that Jada gave him. And that’s when he got up on stage and just went ahead and slapped Chris. And so many things came to mind when I watched the replay of that.

And it’s exactly opposite, completely opposite of what and how I want my students to react to a situation like that. You don’t hit people, you don’t go up and slap people. I would have been okay that if you went backstage after the show privately and say, hey man, you did my wife wrong. Hey, what is wrong with you, man?

My wife has a situation where here she loses her hair. That was not funny. I am ticked off at you. That one thing. Okay? You keep it between the two of you. You don’t have to show the world. But he did. He did it in front of. There must have been over two, 300 people in the audience. And millions and millions around the world.

And to do that in front of everybody, without any regard of what kind of impact it would have, any regard of who’s watching a world audience watched an event here in America. And I’m not going to go into the fact that there are two black men, okay? That has nothing to do with this, even though some people want to make something out of it.

But it has nothing to do with what their skin color is. Black on black, white. I’m it doesn’t matter. What happened was that there was a problem. Suppose the problem in the eyes of Will Smith and his wife, Jada, and he took it upon himself to react in a situation in a way that I. I hope my son never reacts that way.

I’m not saying you just sit there and take it. Like I said, you you approach him and you say, listen, I don’t like what you just said. I don’t like what you what you did. I don’t like what you what you did to my wife. Do you realize she’s got a condition? Do you realize that her hair is lost because of a disease?

She’s got? Do you think that she likes being bald or G.I. Jane? As Chris said, the Chris Rock is a comedian. Will Smith is a comedian. They both do stand up. And what’s shameful? All this is the fact that Will Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor that same night. So what event is he going to remember? The more is that going to be the slap or is it going to be him accepting the best actor?

Everybody is going to have their little saying this or have their little viewpoint in this. But the bottom line that as a teacher, as an educator, as an adult, as a father. I this is tragic. I tell kids, you never go out and attack somebody. You never go up there and you willfully assault someone like that. There’s so many different ways.

But that and now one of the implications. But at the same time, if you look at the results, okay, Chris Rock, maintain his dignity, maintain his posture. He didn’t go back after Will Smith. He just stayed put. And he kept the show going. He kept the show moving forward. He was in the most awkward position that you can imagine being.

He just got hit in the face. But he stood there, composed himself, reacted as best he could, not giving any more life to the situation, and kept the show going well. On the other hand, look what happened to him. He was condemned by the media. He was condemned by the Academy. He had to resign his membership from the Academy.

He has been criticized and ridiculed and put down by the Hollywood elite. Now, do I think it’s going to be the end of his career? I don’t think so. I mean, this man is Hollywood royalty. He’s he’s one of those, people that you look at his career and you can only envy the man. He had an amazing career.

I mean, first he started as a rap rap artist. You know, he won platinum. He got his album to go platinum. Then he became a sitcom star. Okay. I mean, that was a great show, you know? I mean, and then after a while, then he went into the movies, and his movies were big, big moneymakers. Bagger Vance that was a great one.

I mean, the man, just everything he touched turned to go. Unfortunately, the last thing he touched was the face of Chris Rock. And then everything turned to dust. I don’t think it’s going to hurt his career as much. It will definitely be a blemish for sure. I think that’s one of the things that he’ll be. Remember for, for sure, which is shameful because he had such a winning, unbelievably, celebratory career unlike any other.

So what does this have to do with kids? Well, for teens, especially the people I deal with. And my son, who’s ten years old. I’m seeing too much of this violence happening. I’m just seeing too much of it. And and some of them unprovoked. And some of the teens, you get upset if somebody says something about you on social media.

I mean, you get uptight when someone writes something to you on social media. For crying out loud. Are you that insecure about yourself? That when someone calls you a name, or someone says something or pokes fun at you on social media, that you’re going to go after him and physically attack the person? Okay, let’s look at the implications.

If you attack somebody just like what Will Smith did, okay, first of all, down to earth, you are a student. You go on, you attack somebody. Okay? First thing is you’re going to get suspended if if the disciplinary action of the school is fair and does the right thing, you should get suspended. Because if you if the person, especially the person, doesn’t fight back, the less the person fights back, the more guilty you look as an attacker, for the attack, for the person who’s being attacked, try to run away.

Do not hit back. And trust me, people will be filming. Oh, yeah? If there’s a fight in campus, there’s going to be iPhones and an administrator will find out. And they will see it. But the less you attack, the more guilty the attacker becomes, because everybody can see you’re not fighting back, you’re not swinging, you’re not doing much.

You are clearly under attack. And that’s bad for the attacker. I don’t think that people like when I was in high school, which I thought was an absolute foolish, stupid rule that if there’s a fight, the attacker and the attacker both get suspended, which I thought was a ridiculously foolish, foolish rule. Why are you punishing the person being attacked?

Stupid rule. That’s right. Out of high school, 19 1980s. You suspended people for both attacking and being attacked. Foolish. I hope you change that. I don’t see that here as much. However, reaction from parents are different. Parents of the attack are now filing lawsuits. They’re filing assault charges. Oh, yes. If you’re an attacker, you can face criminal charges.

Now. Yes. That’s right. It’s it’s now. Now lawyers are coming in and they’re looking at this. They’re looking at the criminal charges can be filed against you. And let me tell you, once that happens and, you know, if you kiss college goodbye and then you’re going to have to later on, ten years down the road is still going to be in your record, and you’re going to have to explain to your employer what happened.

Oh yeah, attack somebody and then it’s up to the employer to think, oh my God, what if he attacks my employees? Or they might just think, well, that was ten years ago. You seem to have grown up out of it. I hope so, but I’ll tell you this one thing. You’re going to have to answer for that. Have you recovered?

What have you learned from it? What have we done since? I mean, you know, you have an assault charge on. It’s going to come up. And let me tell you something. If you ever find yourself behind bars and they say that assault charges, your sentence is going to be pretty darn higher than what it could be if you didn’t do it.

If you get upset of somebody and if you get, that’s one thing you just kind of like a real person are the real tough side. If you want to be tough, if you want to be brave, if you want to prove your macho ness, you take the person and you take him aside and you look him in the eye and you tell them you did me wrong, and you do it one on one, mano a mano.

Nobody looks, nobody sees it. It’s just you and him or her. You and the other person. That’s it. That takes true courage. You don’t have to, you know, Sideswipe someone. You don’t have to, like, attack someone without the permission of the person’s not even expecting it. You take that person aside and you tell them you do that again.

Okay? You do that again. Okay? I’m going to take it a step up, okay? I will tell everybody. And you might be the snitch. You might be, you know, you can take it out. You can ask like the administrators, what you do, you can you can start getting people on your side. And before you know it, it’ll be over.

Conflict done. There’s better things in the world to deal with. My God, you got all these problems here that have more of an impact in the lives than what stupid social media has to say, or what a person like, you know, talks behind your back or whatever the heck does that really impact your life? Does that hurt your ego?

I mean, Will Smith, do you think he regrets what he did? Absolutely. And guess what happens now? Will Smith has been banned from the Oscars for ten years. That’s ten years. And it’s really important to note that the Oscars are not only an awards show, but it’s also a form of advertisement. Which director is going to use him now?

Because they know that if he comes up with another epic performance like he did, in previous years, he will not be at the Oscars to promote it. He will not be at the Oscars to possibly accept another award. It’s self-defeating. A golden career blemish scratched. Think about a Tesla, a brand new 2022 Tesla. Beautiful car shining, and then someone comes up and keys it all up and down the side.

Well, that’s what fighting’s going to do for you. You can be a straight-A student, and if you tag somebody, oh, yeah, that’s going to cause a blemish that’s probably synonymous to getting a C or a D. And of course, fighting and having that on your record, especially a criminal record, you don’t fight, you get people on your side, you go to administration, you tell them this is what’s happening to the high school I work for has a thing called, you know, peer counseling or peer mediation where you have another student kind of sit down and then you talk it out, and if you talk it out, it just goes away.

And a year later, maybe even later than maybe three, 4 or 5 months later, you don’t even remember the incident. You won’t even remember why you’re mad at each other. You may not talk to each other, but that’s okay. At least you don’t hold on to the memory of something that you stupidly did. So I urge you, my friends, don’t be a Will Smith on the worst day of his life, where he went up and attacked a fellow human being.

Well, just made Chris Rock look like a hero and will look like a zero at that moment. I urge you again, talk to the administrators, talk to a teacher, talk to some people who you know can get on your side and see your side of the story. Offer and go to the person and talk to them one on one.

This is what’s going to happen. And if you don’t want to do that, get a counselor. Get a school official who will sit the both of you down. And if you have a peer mediation program at your high school, okay, sit down with somebody one on one and you let that person know how you feel. It’s okay to yell.

It’s okay to scream. It’s okay to. You know, I’m not saying it’s okay to cuss or call it names, but at least you can display your displeasure and anger and then you let it go. That’s it. It’s over. I said my piece. You said your piece. You move on and you go on with life. The kids who fought, who got suspended.

And if you’re listening, yeah, you’re never going to forget this. And you’re going to look back at yourself and you’re like, why did I do that? Why? You know, what was the reason for it? Would you want your own child to react that way? Would you want your own little brother or sister to act that way? Curious. Send me an email.

I like to see what happens. You know, fighting is a last resort. Even if it’s a Karen getting in your face. You don’t touch the person. You just don’t say anything. And if somebody is angry at you, you validate. Yes. You’re right. I’m sorry you feel this way, I really am. I understand this is however this is blah blah blah.

You know, there’s so many mature, more mature ways to handle a situation. Now, I can understand if you’re being threatened and you’re forced into a situation where you have to defend yourself, okay, that’s different, I will defend I will protect my son tooth and nail, to the point where even I would be jeopardize, to lose my innocence. I’m telling you right now, I would do everything I can to protect that little boy and my wife and my family.

I mean, I would do everything. So that’s what fathers and husbands do, family, man. They do that. And I’m a family man. I would do everything I can tooth and nail to protect them. All meals go away and sometimes, yes, self-defense. If you feel your life is threatened, you got to defend yourself. I’m talking about people who provoked the attack, people who went up on stage and attacked.

They struck first. They drew first blood. I’m just saying for that. Okay? Got to think about things, and I hope that you could stop yourself. Think about it. Sometimes, you know, we want to write, you know, we want to react a certain way that we might regret later. I mean, like, sometimes I get so upset at some people, oh, I, I write an email or I leave an angry message.

Trust me, I’ve come to regret even writing angry emails. I. But is self control meaning you kind of wait. You collect your thoughts, you may want to give yourself some time to kind of think about what you’re going to say. You may want to wait 24 hours before you send an email saying, hey, this is what I feel, blah, blah, blah.

And then and go from there. But at least you didn’t attack. Attacking is not the answer. At any rate. Send me story. Send me a question if you like, at Mr. Hague’s class at And I wish you all the best of luck and live life in peace over and out.

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