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Ep2 – Career vs. Calling

  1. The difference between a calling and a career
    • Career : does not necessarily have a purpose. Simple source of income.
    • Calling feels like you are serving your purpose. It may not be a career, it could be raising a child, volunteer work, support groups
      1. For me : Teaching, coaching

    • Career : Makes you have to go to work at 8am on Monday.
    • Calling : Makes you have to go home at 5pm on a Friday.
    • Career : You may not think about it after hours
    • Calling : You never stop thinking about it.
    • Career : Don’t want to deal with the bad things
    • Calling : Accept the bad things as part of the process
      1. MLK, Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Harriet Tubman
      2. Their calling was bigger than they were

  1. Be Still and Know → Be Still and Ask
    • Asking to receive the messages
    • Look for cues
    • See what comes up in your life.
    • What are you being drawn to
  2. Be in the NOWl
    • Open to the messages from the universe
    • Video games, social media, text messages : Takes away focus
  3. Trust the guidance. Listen to that inner voice.
    • Overcome fear
  1. Develop a sense of self-awareness
    • What empowers you? What makes you feel alive?

  2. Bring back that loving feeling. Bring back that energy.
    • Remember when dreams didn’t seem that big.
    • That innovations stays with you and it impacts people

  3. The more you explore the more opportunities come to you. 
    • Say yes to new opportunities that intrigue you . Explore every opportunity, take a bunch of courses especially the electives.
    • You don’t have to have just one calling.

  4. Be open to alternatives
    • Medical Doctor → could be an EMT or paramedic
    • Teacher → Tutor
    • Zoologist → Work for a non profit raising awareness for animal safety.
  5.  Go for informational interviews
    • Get their energy

  6.  Be open to advice from others but you make the final decision.
    • Don’t live someone else’s dream
  7.  Be Honest, will this calling earn you a living
    • Calling is meant to give you joy, not necessarily earn a living.
    • Your ‘job’ will be better if you find that it supports your calling.

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