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Ep13 : DeSantis and AP African American Studies

In this episode:

  • welcome to another episode of Mr Hague’s podcast and in today’s episode we’re gonna talk about a rather controversial subject which involves the College Board accepted AP African-American studies which the governor of Florida and the supposed presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis and his crew rejected.
  • Now this has caused a huge uproar from not only the black community, well from all types of communities, now here you have an educational curriculum approved by the College Board. For those of you who don’t know the College Board they’re the ones who administer the SATs and the acts they’re also the ones who administer AP courses. What are AP courses?
  • Well AP stands for advanced placement and these are classes that are intended to offer college level courses in high school in hopes of earning college credit. As you know, college these days are expensive. So to get college credit for free is highly advantageous for any high school students looking to go to college.
  • There are various types of advanced placement courses from biology to math to languages to history. Remember that one. History.
  • So the AP African-American curriculum was planned and written by Scholars and it’s a curriculum that was actually given the green light by the College Board to start as a pilot course now what is a Pilot Course. A Pilot Course meaning only a few schools around the nation will be able to offer it. So the whole intention is to kind of see how it goes, how it all pans out and whether it’s getting good reviews….


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