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Ep12: Injury in High School Sports

In this episode

  • This is Mr Hague and welcome to another episode of
  • How y’all doing we just started a brand new year we’re in the year 2023 so not sure what year you’re at but we are well.
  • I am at the year 2023 and the only way I can tell the future well if you’re listening this in the future tell me what’s happening anyway so today we’re going to talk about something really totally cool and that is high school sports and the pros and cons the the good and the bad everything involved with sports and whether it’s really good or is it being taken too seriously so specifically in this episode I want to talk about sports related injuries and before I begin to Embark upon that let me say that there’s few things in the
  • world.
  • That brings joy to a family more than to watch your child or your teenager in the field of play enjoying themselves in the spirit of competition….


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