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Ep11 : Fentanyl

  • Important Facts in this Episode
    • There’s been a huge amount of overdosing and a spike of overdose deaths in the last few years but let’s take prescription drugs. Fentanyl deaths jumped from 57834 in 2020 to 71,238 in 2021.Fentanyl is a synthetically produced pain reliever.
    • Now a few years ago fentanyl was basically used by the medical establishment to help relieve pain for post-cancer patients
    • Fentanyl became a street drug.
    • It’s 50 times stronger than heroin. 100 times stronger than morphine
    • Obviously swallowing it can be smoked it can be snorted it can be injected it can be chewed and the person in taking it
    • It may not even be suspecting that they are taking it.A 14 year old high school student ordered what he thought was Oxycontin from Snapchat, oh you can probably tell where this is going, well it wasn’t oxycontin, it was Fentanyl. This takes a little bit of guts a lot of common sense and it doesn’t take much guts to say noCome on now parents get involved in your kids’ lives. Want an emotional high? Volunteer,You know and if you walk away fast just just hold up your hand and say stop don’t come near me
    • They’ll get the message.


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