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Ep10a : Music Education in our School

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MR. HAGUE : All right, everybody, hey there. And this is Mr. Hague and Mr. Hague’s class. And following that rather somber dedication to my old friend Gail Rurik, who was probably the best violinist I’ve ever heard. I came down to earth here and decided to interview someone who is a student of mine. And we have here Miss Sonia Gonzalez. Hi, Sonya. How are you?

SONYA : Hi. I’m good.

MR. HAGUE : Are you a little nervous?

SONYA : A little bit.

MR. HAGUE : Are you a little nervous?By the way, Sonia, she is a senior, and she is definitely one of the very best musicians I have ever seen. And you play the flute, right?

SONYA : Yeah.

MR. HAGUE : And then you also sing?


MR. HAGUE : And you’re also the the video announcement host for the school?


MR. HAGUE : And you’re also the the video announcement host for the school?Okay, so she’s multi-talented. She’s she’s also a great graphic artist. And what’s your ambition?

SONYA : Like like what do you mean?

MR. HAGUE : Like, what do you want to study in college? What’s the next steps in your life? What’s going on with you?

SONYA : I just want to still, like, be in my creative state, you know, like, I don’t want to just be in some sort of office job. Like I still want to pursue, like, what makes me happy.

MR. HAGUE : And that is very admirable. So let me ask you about your music career. So you play the flute and you also sing. Yes. Well, what does it do for you? What it what does music being an ear and marching band, obviously. So what does that do for you as what does it do for your spirit?

What does it do for your soul?

SONYA : When you look at all the hard hours that you put in and then just seeing the result, just how nice it sounds like it just it’s like one of the best feelings ever. And then just even playing it, you know, it’s always it’s really fun. Like you just get to like just sort of like express yourself in a way, like, you know.

MR. HAGUE : Well, let me ask you this. So what if there was no music program here in school? What if there was no band and there was no singing opportunity? What? How would you day be like?

SONYA : Probably pretty boring. I think I’d just get through the classes and just go home and just do homework and just sleep. I wouldn’t really do anything, really.

MR. HAGUE : And what kind of music do you like?

SONYA : Honestly, I have a very wide taste. Like you can go from, like, pop indie to rap sometimes.

MR. HAGUE : And you say you want to stay in your, you know, creative state. And what is that, like, sort of like free thinking and or do you, do you do that to express yourself or.

SONYA: Yeah. Just sort of like being able to, like just express myself, being able to create things, stuff like that.

MR. HAGUE : And you say you want to stay in your, you know, creative state. And what is that, like, sort of like free thinking and or do you, do you do that to express yourself?

SONYA : Sort of being able to express myself, being able to create things.

MR. HAGUE : Do you play anything else besides flute?

SONYA : I used to play violin for mariachi, but it didn’t work out because they were kind of mean to me, so I quit.

MR. HAGUE : And how about having a music career. Do you see yourself playing in a, like, a band or, you know, a big band? Because, I mean, flute is a very I would say it’s it’s not one of those, it’s not a concert (instrument), but it’s, you know, you see a lot of flute us in big bands and like those, you know, that’s orchestras. Do you see yourself in there?

SONYA : I mean, if I could ever get the chance to. I mean, I would love to do that.

MR. HAGUE : Okay. And so I wish you had your flute with you, because I would have had you play something. But, at any rate, I would have to say that definitely. You’re very talented in all aspects. I don’t see you as a mathematician or a scientist.

SONYA: No. I’m very bad at math.

MR. HAGUE : Okay, so she admits it. So I so. But, Sonya has taken two of my classes, and she has been a joy to have in my class, and definitely one of those, people that definitely reflects the value of music education.

So would you ever change schools if they if they just, like, canceled the music program?

SONYA : Maybe because it’s honestly one of the only things that actually gets me interested in school. Like, besides, my friend, it’s like one of the only things that, like, makes me want to get up and like, actually go to school instead of just ditching because I kind of I probably would.

MR. HAGUE : All right. Well, you heard it right here with the lovely Sonia Gonzalez. And we are going to have another guest coming up here at Mr. Hague’s class podcast.


MR. HAGUE : All right, everybody, this is Mr. Hague. And back to Mr. Hague’s Class part two of this interview session with students. And again, we’re talking about music education and the importance of music for the mind, for the soul. It’s not just about school, it’s about life. And I have here and you call yourself Andres or Andy?

ANDRES: That goes back any other way you want to call it.

MR. HAGUE : Okay, I’m going to play Andres, because that’s how you know I know you and you’ve taken a couple of my classes over the years. I believe, and so it’s always a pleasure to have you back. And, you know, I really enjoy having you here because I love your spirit. So, Andres, you play in the band, right?

ANDRES: Yeah, I play the Bari sax.

MR. HAGUE : The sax? The what sax?

ANDRES: The baritone saxophone.

MR. HAGUE : Oh, the baritone. What is the difference between that and another sax?

ANDRES: It’s like the alto, but instead it’s just way more bigger. And you just have to use more air basically.

MR. HAGUE : Oh, okay. Well that works. I mean, I tell you, I am so envious of students who play instruments.
I tried the trumpet and the drum, but I guess I just kind of gave up on it. One of the true biggest regrets of my life. And maybe I can go back to it. But anyway. So tell me, what. What does music do for you?

ANDRES: It is a it’s a way to escape it. It’s awesome. You can just go into your own world as an artist to play an instrument. I just like writing down some like lyrics or just listening to music. You just going to your own world.

MR. HAGUE : And now you’re also a singer. You have your own. You make your own music.

ANDRES: Yeah, it’s ANDY with the BUBBA on Spotify, Apple Music. Anyway, you can really check it .

MR. HAGUE : Can you spell it?

ANDRES : ANDY with the BUBBA. It is a very long name.

MR. HAGUE : Andy with that Bubba. So check it out. It’s on Spotify. You said.

ANDRES : Yeah Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora Amazon wherever you listen.

MR. HAGUE : So this dude is working it. You are absolutely working it. You’re already on those platforms and most students don’t even have a clue what Spotify is. I mean, they do, but they don’t really have an account but they don’t use it. You’re using it. So do you want a career in music, don’t you?

ANDRES : Yeah, I really do. I really want to pursue that. But I know it’s going to be a long journey is going to be very long. Yeah.

MR. HAGUE : Well, I mean, the thing is that what are you only 16. 17.

ANDRES : Yeah. 17 actually.

MR. HAGUE : So you you got a long life ahead. So I’m just saying that you’re starting now and that’s really a very, very powerful thing. So what kind of music do you like to play? What kind of music do you like to sing?

ANDRES : Mostly everything. Honestly. I but mainly you’re going to be finding more, see, like hip hop and rap songs, but I think I have one pop song, I only I really only have two songs out. The other ones aren’t released yet. The new ones coming out November 5th, but they’re mostly like hip hop and rap.

MR. HAGUE : Okay. And do you have a sample for us now?

ANDRES : Yeah, I do actually, if you want to hear it.

MR. HAGUE : Yeah, I do want to hear it.

ANDRES : This is this one’s already out. I made this one is it’s an abbreviation.
It’s DKIWSUT asked or it stands for it. Didn’t know. Guess Who’s Smoking Up Tonight.

MR. HAGUE : Wow. Okay, here we go.


MR. HAGUE : All right. Here is absolutely fantastic. And you’re going to have to email that to me because I want to definitely set it up everybody. So so music you write your own songs.

ANDRES : Yeah, I write my own songs and but I don’t I don’t make the beats in the background since I don’t really know how to do that, but I do.I do write and I try to figure out the lyrics.

MR. HAGUE : So, so tell me the song songwriting process. How do you how do you go from, like, thought to production, the final production of a song.

ANDRES : So first I would find, either find and try to find someone to collaborate with.I but I’m kind of an introvert, so, like, I don’t like going out like that. I’m, like, telling people about all that stuff. So instead I go on, these platforms that have beats, a lot of artists, independent artists who make their own beats and then they sell them. So I basically purchase a license to find one that I like, and then I start playing it.

I play it some more, I lay it out, I lay it out, I get it. I started writing on my notes, at first when I would play the song and then I write on my notes, but I decided it’s more better to move to paper because, yeah, I didn’t for. Just the way it is, I don’t know, but you basically listen to the beat, let it play out, and as soon as the beats that’s playing out then you write one little bar. Play a couple of seconds. Let it play again. You save those those bars that you written on and then you write another one and then.

MR. HAGUE : How many songs have you produced at this?

ANDRES : I have two unreleased songs at the moment. But the ones that are released at the moment, Big Busters, and the one I just played didn’t know was smoking.

MR. HAGUE : That’s awesome. Very cool. Well, anyways, Andy, I want to thank you so much for your time here and, I am so proud of you and so happy that you are. You have some sort of ideal, goal in mind, you know, that you. We want to go someplace, and you want to be able to do things with yourself. I think that’s absolutely incredible.

ANDRES : No. Thank you. Because of you.

MR. HAGUE : That’s not me. I had nothing to do it.

ANDRES : I know, you know, is that, the web design class and this, all that that inspired,

MR. HAGUE : Well, you know what? Keep wrapping. I’m telling you right now, and I’m going to be pushing you to keep on producing music because I definitely want this for you. And so with that being said, everybody. So we’re going to play some more of Andy’s music. And what can I say? This is Mr. Hague’s Class. See you in the next episode.

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