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Ep 4a: Dealing with Boring Classes (Interview)

Ten ways to prevent boredom

  1. Change Your Attitude: Whether you like it or not is irrelevant. You have to do good in a class setting.
  2. Everything that you student has something to do with life. Classes are meant to be challenging. Boredom adds to the challenge. You may need this information later on in life.
  3. Think of your apathy/boredom as something to be remedied.
  4. Team up with Other Students: Study Groups
  5. Do not walk into the classroom tired. Get something to eat, coffee.
  6. Come Prepared
  7. If a class is not working out…drop the class but not because you’re bored.
  8. Engage the teacher more often.
  9. Read or get educated ahead of time.
  10. Active Learning: Raise your hand and ask questions once or twice

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